You organise a classic car rally or a simple club run for your members?

Tripy Rally Services possess a large stock of GPS-Tripy II, Tripy II trmcb/c, Tripy-R, Tripy-S. In total over 2000 units.

These different types of GPS can be rented according to the needs of the rally and the organiser.

The following functions can be combined as you wish:

  • TIMEKEEPING the timing of specials, the timing of liaisons (CH, CP). The only limit to the number of timing points and specials is programming time and the time taken to check the data.
  • TRACKING the tracking of all vehicles, geo-localised over a map. The ‘Rally Control Screen’ is readable on a PC or tablet. This Rally Control Screen shows the controls with different alerts, SOS alarms, the intermediate finish time for specials, the status of each Tripy GPS fitted (power, battery, GPS reception quality, the time of the last geo-localisation, etc.). The Rally Control Screen allows the analysis and downloading of positions and the speed of each second of the track of any given crew. These precise indicators allow Race Control to manage the successful running of their rally.
  • CONTROL The speed control zones (DZ-FZ, 30, 50, 70 kph), checking of maximum allowed speed (VMAX, 90, 130 kph), checking in details of the track driven, allows you to reply with precision to inquiries from crews or the authorities.
  • ROAD BOOK digital navigation, the displaying of route notes in the form of an intelligent electronic road book. Tripy is a true GPS in the form of an electronic co-driver. It doesn’t just mimic a paper road book by display the notes. Its navigation algorithms display and authorise leaving and returning to the route. Simplified navigation with just compass headings is also possible, as is no navigation aid. The screen also allows the digital display of certain chosen information: the official rally time, the display of DZ-FZs, the VMAX and all the information allowing for fluid organisation (regrouping, self-start, etc.)

For reasons of neutrality and transparency, Tripy Rally Services do not produce results. Instead we offer here professional calculations services that manage our data.


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