Tripy RS strengths

Tripy Rally Services deploys its technological knowhow and its stock of rental GPS to provide precise results, without delay and without contestation.

Following the track in real time, to the second with the exact speed. The route covered by each competitor is stored in its entirety on the server and in the GPS. It cannot be contested.

An unlimited number of timing points for each regularity stage. For an unlimited number of specials.

Precision measurements in complex situations – before / after hairpin bends, mountain passes, loops / circuits, etc. – Reliability validated by several major organisers since 2008.

Immediate transmission of times taken to the calculation centre, allowing provisional results after each special.

Technical and safety alarm buttons set off manually or automatically in case of stopping on the special only on the Tripy-R (= yellow and red flags).

Communication cross-over between GPS Tripy-Rs: a GPS stopped in a special warns the others automatically and avoids accidents. The other Tripy-Rs keep in their memory the danger which will be communicated to the servers as soon as they are connected to a 3G network. (horizontal safety that reinforces 3G tracking).

Communication possible from Race Direction to crews equipped with GPS-Tripy-Rs via the screen.

Advanced programming of the GPS Tripy-R: Management of road-books, frequency of tracking, periods of usage. The GPS is intelligent in that it knows everything about the rally, switches on and off on its own, calculates, stores, warns, displays, transmits and never overloads the servers. The GPS Tripy backs up its own data. 

Tripy-R battery life is up to 3 days as a function of functions used and the frequency of updates and 3G communication.

Bi-directional GPS sensitive to the four satellites constellations (GPS, Galileo, Beidou, Glonas). 

Permenant control of GPS reception quality (HDOP).

Ultra fast Tripy-R installation, with no external aerial neccessary to increase GPS reception quality.

Continuous ‘remote’ checking of each GPS fitted and of the position of the crew.

No human intervention necessary on the ground (logistic and financial economies).

Position of timing controls on the route undetectable (no cheating possible).

Triple recording safeguard, data stored in each GPS and 2 separate servers.

Manual’ downloading of data to a PC, in the case where there is no 3G network

Extended GPS battery life (between 10 and 15 hours) in the case of loss of vehicle power source.

Speed check in high-risk zones to increase rally safety.

GPS can be used as a ‘black box’ or with screen display as desired (Road Book notes, entry zone signs, clock in times at TCs, special start time, rally time,…)

Proprietary development and continual evolution of Tripy equipment and software. Controls costs and the quality of service, also suited to smaller events.

Quality electronic components, more reliable and less expensive than traditional type organisation.

Total control of the rally using your preferred internet navigator, with global and detailed views.

Expertise that has been chosen and validated by prestige organisations.

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