Tripy II – trmcb – c technical specifictions

The technical specification is similar to the Tripy II GPS but with hardware modifications to allow Bluetooth and 3G communication and the fitting of an external GPS antenna, and software modifications specifically for rallies (timekeeping, digital road book, checking of speed and route taken, 3G tracking, no manual alarm button, robust, waterproof).

The Tripy II trmcb are used in touring rallies and VHC-VHRS regularity rallies, essentially in Europe and North Africa. The Tripy II trmcc equip assistance, press and organisation vehicles on rally-raids in Latin America, Russia and China.

The GPS Tripy II trmcb/c is a true electronic road book that calculates and shows chronologically the chosen route, road or off-road, counts down to the approach of a partial distance with precision, shows notes and all useful information that organisers want to give, helping crews to respect speed limit zones (DZ-FZ or VMAX), manages all leaving of the road book route and returning to the route, by automatically holding onto the route and the road book note that is returned to. Audible alarms inform the crew 1 km before each WP, in the case where the route is left and returned to, in the case of going over the speed limit (DZ-FZ or VMAX). Management possible of simplified navigation using compass heading (for motorcycles in Bajas for example). The GPS Tripy II trmcb / c relies of the American GPS network.

The GPS Tripy II ‘Clock’ is available for stewards to carry out starts and finishes with official rally time. No set up is required to synchronise posts (CPs, CHs). 15 hours autonomy and external power is possible.

Tripy II trmcb

black and white screen

Tripy II trmcc

colour screen

Screen size

9cm x 6cm

Real size of GPS Tripy-R

15cm x 9cm

Type and resolution of screen

FSTN Silverback 240 x 160

Battery life

Li-poly 15h



Installation of power cable and positioning of the GPS Tripy II trmcb


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