GPS Tripy-K technical specification

The Tripy-K GPS synthesises the experience acquired over more than ten years, during many major rallies.

It combines the technologies of the Tripy II and the Tripy R and S.

Like all Tripy tools, the equipment is developed and assembled at Tripy S.A. in Belgium, with total quality control and constant hardware and firmware maintenance.

The programming and active functions vary according to the needs of the rally.

GPS Tripy-K

Quick installation with internal antenna and permanent power cable (permanent power).

The rugged, highly readable GPS is held in place with RAM-Mount, arm and fixed base (or suction cup) mounts.

The internal high-sensitivity antenna is housed in the upper rear shell of the GPS, which should be located behind the windscreen, facing upwards. There is an optional wired remote control to activate some of the buttons remotely, when the co-driver is too far from the dashboard, e.g. in a truck.


  • Navigation assisted by a colour roadbook created with Tripy RiverNotes software, automatic partial / total km count. Appearance of a compass heading when leaving the track.
  • Warning when approaching a note, of dangers 2 (!!) and 3 (!!!), in case of exit or return to the track.
  • Password protection of race roadbooks.
  • Display of note number, tripmaster 2 odometers, instant speed, close track.
  • Automatic activation of the roadbook at date/time, manual selection possible.
  • Automatic GPS standby and activation with time stamp.
  • Possibility of unrolling an unassisted roadbook for special "NT, Navigation Test" with compass heading approach once near the WP to be validated.
  • Speed control function (VMAX and DZ-FZ).
  • Auto-start in special stage available.
  • GO TO navigation to 1 GPS coordinate point at a time.


  • Automatic accident detection.
  • Technical and safety alarms, automatic in special and manual.
  • Continuous data storage (track, speed, time) in the GPS and on two separate servers.
  • Control of the rally on the dashboard for the race director, tablet and PC.


  • Real-time tracking of competitors.
  • Latest generation GPS module with very high sensitivity and accuracy.
  • 4 GPS constellations (GPS / Galileo / Glonass / Beidou)
  • Permanent control of satellite reception quality.
  • 4G tracking.


  • Unlimited number of stages and timing points.
  • Increased accuracy thanks to the latest generation GPS reception module.
  • Speed control (for each second of track covered).
  • Control of the track driven by the competitor (time-stamped track).
Weight 420 gr
Thickness 40 mm
Screen size 9cm x 6cm
Real size of GPS Tripy-K 15cm x 9cm
Resolution of screen 480 X 270
Battery life +/-12 hours

Absence of external aerials, all located at the rear of the GPS which must be orientated towards the sky.


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